Your resources are valuable, and your business depends on it. SKITSC will accompany you through your process of technological optimization, which includes upgrading your technological infrastructure to the next standards of the digital era. To remain a leader in your area, your company needs to be committed to the process of continuous improvement regarding its technological infrastructures and tools. Partnering with us is having a strong ally in the face of your competition, because we have the solutions to everything IT-wise.

Consulting services

Our expertise in technology is demanded by small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies and government entities. Our group is available for the administration of your IT frameworks.
Information Technology
With a world in constant evolution, being aware of new threats is now a strategic objective. Our team is specialized in cyber security and are always up-to-date on the latest news.
If you have your own business, you can get our help to acquire new customers and sell additional products or services, our role is crucial when it comes for a business to expand.
Business Development


The SKITSC team is able to ensure the security of computer networks and systems for the lawyers of the Quebec Bar. Our solution respects all the points of the IT Guide. ​You can trust our team to ensure the confidentiality of your own information as well as that of your customers.


Cyber security dangers and vulnerabilities can consume the attention of your IT team. While trying to defend your networks from constant attacks, your team might be to busy to perform important system-wide upgrades and advancement. This is why we are here, not only protect but further innovate in the field. Our team has worked with the most elite professionals in the field, protecting assets from multi-million dollars industries as well as governments around the world.

Web and hosting

Our IT team specializes in providing hosting solutions to businesses as well as custom web designs. From simple web pages to complete web applications with scalable databases and load, our team has build several software to improve the efficiency of our customers business.


Whether you need Virtual Private Servers or a full stack of dedicated servers, our team can deliver and build all of required infrastructure for your projects and business needs. We have implemented solutions for many corporate businesses as well as government entities around the world.


Your needs in computer material and other specialized hardware can all be delivered from us at the best price you can ever find on the market. After analyzing the needs for your business, we tailor a perfect and cost-efficient solution to help propel your business with top quality hardware and technology.


For all corporate organizations, maintaining a communications system has become an absolute necessity! Be it telephony systems or wired/wireless internet that is spread all over the planet, the loss of availability can cause overwhelming misfortunes. Think, for example, of organizations that decide on an arrangement to facilitate a cloud application. Our certified experts deploy and maintain these networks.